Our Story

Quality & Service

Quality Assurance.

B | M | C Metalworks, LLC carefully reviews a customer’s specific needs, before an order is taken or a contract is signed. B | M | C Metalworks, LLC’s staff then reviews these same parameters internally to assure that standards will be met. Quality materials are identified and purchased to meet the project requirements.

Standard project management and production management tools are used to ensure that all work is done to specification, that project schedules are met, and when required, that the system is started up in the proper manner.

In most cases, the equipment is tested at the customer site to ensure it is functioning properly. We strive for complete customer satisfaction with the workmanship and quality of materials that go into making a project complete.


Technical Assistance

B | M | C Metalworks, LLC provides a solutions-based approach for metal machining and fabrication services by being a single source provider of such products and services. We have long-standing relationships with many of our customers — relationships that have evolved from pure supplier roles to value-added business partnerships.

B | M | C Metalworks, LLC’s customer service organization and sales force provides customers with technical assistance as well as other key information regarding their purchases. We believe that maintaining a close relationship with our customers and providing them with the support they request improves their level of satisfaction and enables us to foresee the customer’s potential future product needs and / or service demands.

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Cost Effective

Value Added

Our products and services primarily compete on the basis of price, performance, speed-of-delivery, quality, customer support and single source responsibility. Our value proposition to customers is to provide competitively priced products and services. And we sell and market our products and services with our own direct workforce in conjunction with outside sales representatives in U.S., Mexico, Canada and Asia.

fieldwork-hoverB | M | C Metalworks, LLC strives to fully understand a project from its inception. Our precise diligence allows our team to better plan and make purchases to meet our customer’s specific needs and schedule. Attention to detail throughout the project produces results that save our clients time and money.

Our long-term relationship with our customers and vendors has proven beneficial in understanding the product lines, escalating material costs and production requirements.

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