Our Track Record speaks for itself...

BMC Metalworks, LLC is committed to providing the highest quality products and on time deliveries to our customers. We are known for delivering products of superior quality. Our quality assurance system meets the demands of all our customers. Our inspection system focuses on attention to detail at every phase of manufacturing, and we guarantee that our products will meet or exceed your expectations.

Our Quality Policy

BMC Metalworks, LLC will provide machining and manufacturing services that comply with customer requirements and will continuously strive to improve performance. When it comes to fabricating specialty items from sheet metal, metal plate or structural steel, nobody does it better than BMC Metalworks, LLC. We can take your concept and turn it into a precise functional system developing your ideas from design, through production and installation.

At BMC Metalworks, LLC, we realize that the key to a good piece of equipment or system is not only how well it carries out its intended function, but how efficiently and economically it can be manufactured and maintained.

The sales and engineering teams at BMC Metalworks, LLC have many years of “hands on” practical experience with all types of equipment. We are happy to work with others, offering ideas or suggestions to help make the end product the best it can be. Because of our experience in the varied aspects of metal fabrication and machinery applications, we are able to provide “One Source” service for most customers. Whether your need is one piece of special formed or structural steel, or a complete production facility, it pays to contact BMC Metalworks, LLC first.

It is our wide range of design and engineering expertise, sophisticated equipment, and a sincere desire to help that enables us to offer a practical working solution to your design and manufacturing problems as only specialists can. BMC Metalworks, LLC has field service capabilities. We service and repair all types of equipment. Usually able to respond the same day, we are the best choice for emergency repair of malfunctioning machinery as well as emergency on site welding.

BMC Metalworks, LLC works closely with local suppliers to provide the fastest possible repair to get your production back on line. On site fabrication of work platforms, supports, guards and other miscellaneous metal items is well within our area of expertise.

Determined to give you the best quality product at an affordable price

All of our work is inspected at each stage of production, resulting in a high quality product, which meets or exceeds the most stringent industry standards.

  • All of our work is inspected at each phase of production, ensuring a dimensionally correct and high quality finished product.
  • All of our measuring equipment is calibrated at regular intervals to assure high quality and to assure full traceability to federal standards.

BMC Metalworks, LLC believes in providing its customers with QUALITY work the first time, every time. QUALITY applies to all the work we do, not just the parts we produce. BMC Metalworks, LLC has established itself as the premiere fabrication/machine parts supplier in the South-Central United States. Our equipment is set to provide precision and accuracy as we apply various materials.